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Friday, December 13, 2013

Kirchner name inspires rat discovered in Argentina

Researchers from Argentina identified in the southern province of Chubut a new species of mammal, a rodent which they called " Tympanoctomys Kirchnerorum " in tribute to the late former President Nestor Kirchner.

This Patagonian vizcachera rat was identified by scientists and veterinarians National Patagonian Center ( Cenpat ) in the town of Los Adobes , in the central plateau of Chubut.
"The detection itself is produced in 2005. But for a long time thought it was another species that live widely in other parts of the country ," said Ulysses Pardiñas, one of the researchers , in remarks published today on the website of the Argentine Government .
After several years of study, experts were able to determine what is " a new , unique species ," said Pardiñas .
The experts in charge of scientific discovery and decided to impose this new species name to " Tympanoctomys Kirchnerorum " in tribute to the late former president Néstor Kirchner of Argentina (2003-2007) and his wife and successor , current President Cristina Fernandez.
"The idea of ​​this tribute is the result of the governments of both presidents were characterized by an active policy of promoting science , repatriation of scientists, and especially the creation of a Ministry of Science , Technology Productive Innovation "said Paul Teta, another member of the research group .
The Patagonian vizcachera rat is related to other rodents such as guinea pigs and gangs , and inhabit extreme environments such as deserts and salt flats .
Individuals of this species have developed different adaptations to live in these climates .
"One of them is that they have a great ear , which is an adaptation antipredatory " explained the specialist .
Moreover, according They explained , these rodents " eat plants that have a high salt content, which is a resource that is always available , but also imposes some conditions, because the high salt content is not good for anyone " .
" What these animals is to peel the leaves of plants that consume bristles with teeth before and live in caves complex with several levels that allow them to modulate the temperature extremes ," they said .

How to avoid panic if you have a teenager at home

Since they are small , many parents are already thinking about how to be their children 's adolescence . This stage of life is becoming the terror of the parents. And although it is a difficult period to be faced in the same way that childhood or old age, is not to go crazy . However, it is better to be prepared , " because as has positive and important things , also presents difficulties for which you have to understand what is happening, but not paranoia , so you can make a sensible and intelligent accompaniment ," says psychologist María Elena López , who together with the journalist and writer Alejandra Gafaro wrote the book " a teenager at home."

Why are so difficult relationships between parents and adolescents?
Dads are surprised because that child is someone else, comes from being a sweet and docile boy and a confrontational , very quiet man appears, that one day is happy and soon completely apathetic. And parents take it all staff.
Is it more difficult to deal with a teenager today ?
Yes , because you changed the parent -child relationship. Before it was clear the role of authority, now do not know who 's the Boss . This change makes the parents are puzzled and do not know how to handle situations .
Also because the parents are in another stage of life between 40 and 50 years , and they are also things are happening : their relationship changes, are defining their career and also need time for them.
There are new elements that exasperated parents : the phone, the Internet , social networks , how to handle ?
True, the use of social networks much anguish the parents , as they have the same management technology, and that creates distance .
Second, there is a lot of fear on the part of parents to their management : things wonder like spend time online , if you have an addiction, if there is any kind of abuse , whether bullying feel that you can leave them in control, but they can not intervene much respect.
Are teenagers today are different ?
Yes , there are many more questioning , more sense of criticism and know more about the world . Thus, evaluated more than is right and what not and they say , including the behavior of their parents.
Does it affect this the desire of parents to be friends with your children?
That is the new paradigm between parents and children . Previously, the role of the father was clearer and exercised : provider , authority, discipline. Now, psychology and pedagogy has sought a more horizontal relationship , more on the same level , which puts parents in a different , less empowered place . In friendship there can be no scolding , no limits or penalties; parents are more concerned about protecting the relationship of friends, being nearby , not to fight , to exercise and set boundaries, discipline and educate.
Is the subject of sex is now facing early?
Yes, sexual activity appears earlier. Now sexuality is closely linked to the issue of technology and social networks: more porn, extreme sex networks , photo sharing ... They are also guys who do not use protection and hence the increase in cases of AIDS and teen pregnancy.
The issue of homosexuality is open and visible , how is handled with teenagers?
With all the key issues , parents should take charge, do not be left alone . Dads tend to be very aware there until 12 years of age and adolescence loose because they believe there are more mature and independent, but there is no doubt that at that stage they still need their parents' attention , feel the intelligent accompaniment, protection, be welcomed . So you have to make them feel that they are attentive and eye on them .
Many parents wonder how far drop.
You have to be flexible because they are changing and you need to adjust the rules . But not relativize , not that anything goes. Parents are the ones who ultimately make the determination , still mark the north. The teenager is testing , is constructed and its identity, so you have to be coherent and consistent. Parents continue to be your guide.
Are there more cases of depression ?
Yes, there is a lot of pressure at this time of all kinds : social networks, how many followers I have , who answered me ... Followers express it or not , is terrified of violence : the theft. I do not say that the teen is supposed to be risky and emboldened . There is also very lonely , because there are very absent parents , either by separation or because it even still there are distant , or lack of time. There is more pressure to be beautiful, slim , successful, popular.
At this stage fights between parents and children and between siblings are common. How do you avoid or deal with them ?
According to experts , you should be able to adjust the rules are , but firmly. "We must change the way the fulfillment of the rules is required. The shouts do not work and instead deteriorate the relationship , "says Maria Elena Lopez. The best is the negotiation and conciliation agreements in terms of win-win . "Parents should know which battles to give care authority and not wear it ," adds Lopez.

New USB is reversible and smaller

The inventors of the USB cable, whose official name is Universal Serial Bus, announced that the next version of the device, they will be identical on both sides.
This means that users will not have to worry about which side the cable connected to your computer or any other device .

The design, known as USB Type -C, was completed in mid- 2014 and the product will be on the market by 2016.
The new USB comes to compete with one of the advantages that currently Apple Lightning cable connector , designed for enterprise devices , also identical on both sides and much smaller than its predecessor.
The USB first went on sale in mid- 90s and , so far, could only be inserted one way to ensure the transfer of information.
The Promoter Group, which is behind the design of the connector, counts among its members representatives of Intel , Hewlett- Packard, Microsoft , Renesas Electronics , ST -Ericsson and Texas Instruments .
"Consumers want products that are more slender and elegant, our company recognizes that need," said Chairman of the Promoter Group, Jeff Ravencraft .
According to the executive , the amendment has no bearing on the change that Apple introduced with the Lightning cable.
The other news of the next version of USB include:
Its size will be smaller, the dimensions of the plug will be similar to the micro -USB format and tablets used by many of the latest versions of mobile phones.
It will reach a maximum power of 100 watts.
The file transfer speed is 10 Gbps (gigabit is the reference unit to measure how quickly passes information from one device to another ) , doubling the current offers .
Compatibility with future redesigns.
" These changes will improve the functionality of the USB and still allow ease of use for the variety of products that can go to market in the coming years," says Roland Sperlich , Texas Instruments .
For some in the industry is positive, but nuanced .
" I do not think consumers buy the device because of the type of plug , so in regard to the preference of a certain type of phone, tablet or computer, do not think most difference " week Ian Fogg , Computer Business IHS .
"I believe that the importance of this redesign continues: Fogg is the convenience of using the devices more and more frequently because the USB is not only used to transfer information, but to charge the battery of our various devices."
He added: "Anything that expedites the process is good because it's something we have to do constantly."

10 Curiosities film Monsters University

 Did you go to the cinema to see the film Monsters University? Anyway, here I bring 10 Fun Facts film Monsters University ( Monsters Inc. 2 ) .

 1. How do you remove years the main characters ? A dilemma that faced the animators . So to solve it made ​​some changes. For Sulley , in order to make it young , they put smaller horns , which made ​​thinner and made the hair on his body was less straight . Instead, Mike made ​​it thinner and short in stature , and in order to look more teenager will put brakes teeth.

 Two . The legendary scary , the Dean of the School of Scares Monsters University, is inspired by a giant centipede Amazon , but to make it more frightening , but without losing the elegance , the entertainers they put a pair of dragon wings
Three . To create more than 500 characters of the university, the animators were inspired by five major species. Some of the characteristic features of Monsters University students were outstanding eyes , tentacles , horns, viscous liquids and unpredictable extremities.
April . In order to give more realism to the university, the animators had to investigate major universities such as Harvard, Stanford and Berkley , make the student life, the powers , parties, classes and extracurricular activities of students.

 May . The composer Randy Newman returns for his seventh collaboration with Pixar . In the past, Newman has won two Oscars for his partnership with the animation studio issues through If I Did not Have You from Monsters Inc. and We Belong Toy Story 3. Actor John Ratzenberg , continuing his streak of work having lent his voice for all Pixar films and this time again brings to life the fearsome monster Yeti .
6. In 2005, a sequel was planned that would be called Monsters Inc : Lost in Scaradise where Mike and Sulley , the most beloved monsters, visiting the human world to surprise a Boo , but find that it has moved house , so you decide to search Sulley and Mike are looking for a way back to Monstropolis , but Disney and Pixar problems was canceled until 2010 which was reconfirmed that the sequel would be called Monsters University. '

 7. It is the first Pixar film to use global illumination , a technique that allows adjustment of complex and realistic lighting.
8. For the film 227 000 drawings were made, more than any other Pixar film .
9. The film is as common themes accept reality and learn to give up dreams.
10. The making of the film took four years Pixar team .

Starfall will look fuller Sunday

Until December 15, the Earth enjoy the passage of Puppid - Velids meteors, which will peak this coming Sunday and Monday .

 MOSCOW , RUSSIA - . 's Sunday night 8 to Monday, December 9 will reach its maximum intensity meteor shower Puppid - Velids .
Since both hemispheres of the Earth may look up to 15 shooting stars an hour , reports actualidad.rt.com .

From 1 December until the 15th of the same month the Earth is going through the meteor shower Puppid / Velids , which this year will peak next Sunday and Mondays. In its heyday will see up to 15 meteors per hour.
It is one of the brightest stars rains , but due to the low intensity of the brightness of the moon these days can appreciate quite well.
The inhabitants of the southern hemisphere of Earth can also contemplate the radiant rain , that is, a focus on the southern constellation Puppis ( ' Popa ' ), from which the meteors emerge .
Instead from the northern hemisphere the longest and meteors will be lasting longer. They will fly up from the horizon .
A meteor shower is a phenomenon that occurs when the Earth passes through the particles left by a comet.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Which dress to choose for an important dinner

Have you been invited to a big dinner and do not know how to dress? Do not worry, today we give you some tips so you can look like a star without having to go to these perceived.

With the arrival of the New Year celebrations starts performing companies and this is where people attend more prestigious, such as heads and their partners, so you can not dress the wrong way pretending to be a rude person.

To attend a business dinner the first thing to keep in mind is that the dress should be appropriate for your style and for the reception.

Forget miniskirts and plunging necklines, remember to look like a lady and not as substantial disco.

Changes famous sequined full gowns by classic designs and formal, opt for neutral tones and neglects colors as neon or fluorescent yellow if you want to look like a teenager.

The design ideal dress to attend an important event cocktail models are combined with a romantic or vintage looks, these attractive besides being very sensual. But in the case that neither of these two looks you feel good, you can create the style that you like, but remember that you can not overdo it with accessories.