Escritora Frustrada: Which dress to choose for an important dinner

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Which dress to choose for an important dinner

Have you been invited to a big dinner and do not know how to dress? Do not worry, today we give you some tips so you can look like a star without having to go to these perceived.

With the arrival of the New Year celebrations starts performing companies and this is where people attend more prestigious, such as heads and their partners, so you can not dress the wrong way pretending to be a rude person.

To attend a business dinner the first thing to keep in mind is that the dress should be appropriate for your style and for the reception.

Forget miniskirts and plunging necklines, remember to look like a lady and not as substantial disco.

Changes famous sequined full gowns by classic designs and formal, opt for neutral tones and neglects colors as neon or fluorescent yellow if you want to look like a teenager.

The design ideal dress to attend an important event cocktail models are combined with a romantic or vintage looks, these attractive besides being very sensual. But in the case that neither of these two looks you feel good, you can create the style that you like, but remember that you can not overdo it with accessories.

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