Escritora Frustrada: Starfall will look fuller Sunday

Friday, December 13, 2013

Starfall will look fuller Sunday

Until December 15, the Earth enjoy the passage of Puppid - Velids meteors, which will peak this coming Sunday and Monday .

 MOSCOW , RUSSIA - . 's Sunday night 8 to Monday, December 9 will reach its maximum intensity meteor shower Puppid - Velids .
Since both hemispheres of the Earth may look up to 15 shooting stars an hour , reports actualidad.rt.com .

From 1 December until the 15th of the same month the Earth is going through the meteor shower Puppid / Velids , which this year will peak next Sunday and Mondays. In its heyday will see up to 15 meteors per hour.
It is one of the brightest stars rains , but due to the low intensity of the brightness of the moon these days can appreciate quite well.
The inhabitants of the southern hemisphere of Earth can also contemplate the radiant rain , that is, a focus on the southern constellation Puppis ( ' Popa ' ), from which the meteors emerge .
Instead from the northern hemisphere the longest and meteors will be lasting longer. They will fly up from the horizon .
A meteor shower is a phenomenon that occurs when the Earth passes through the particles left by a comet.

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