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Friday, December 13, 2013

10 Curiosities film Monsters University

 Did you go to the cinema to see the film Monsters University? Anyway, here I bring 10 Fun Facts film Monsters University ( Monsters Inc. 2 ) .

 1. How do you remove years the main characters ? A dilemma that faced the animators . So to solve it made ​​some changes. For Sulley , in order to make it young , they put smaller horns , which made ​​thinner and made the hair on his body was less straight . Instead, Mike made ​​it thinner and short in stature , and in order to look more teenager will put brakes teeth.

 Two . The legendary scary , the Dean of the School of Scares Monsters University, is inspired by a giant centipede Amazon , but to make it more frightening , but without losing the elegance , the entertainers they put a pair of dragon wings
Three . To create more than 500 characters of the university, the animators were inspired by five major species. Some of the characteristic features of Monsters University students were outstanding eyes , tentacles , horns, viscous liquids and unpredictable extremities.
April . In order to give more realism to the university, the animators had to investigate major universities such as Harvard, Stanford and Berkley , make the student life, the powers , parties, classes and extracurricular activities of students.

 May . The composer Randy Newman returns for his seventh collaboration with Pixar . In the past, Newman has won two Oscars for his partnership with the animation studio issues through If I Did not Have You from Monsters Inc. and We Belong Toy Story 3. Actor John Ratzenberg , continuing his streak of work having lent his voice for all Pixar films and this time again brings to life the fearsome monster Yeti .
6. In 2005, a sequel was planned that would be called Monsters Inc : Lost in Scaradise where Mike and Sulley , the most beloved monsters, visiting the human world to surprise a Boo , but find that it has moved house , so you decide to search Sulley and Mike are looking for a way back to Monstropolis , but Disney and Pixar problems was canceled until 2010 which was reconfirmed that the sequel would be called Monsters University. '

 7. It is the first Pixar film to use global illumination , a technique that allows adjustment of complex and realistic lighting.
8. For the film 227 000 drawings were made, more than any other Pixar film .
9. The film is as common themes accept reality and learn to give up dreams.
10. The making of the film took four years Pixar team .

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