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Friday, December 13, 2013

New USB is reversible and smaller

The inventors of the USB cable, whose official name is Universal Serial Bus, announced that the next version of the device, they will be identical on both sides.
This means that users will not have to worry about which side the cable connected to your computer or any other device .

The design, known as USB Type -C, was completed in mid- 2014 and the product will be on the market by 2016.
The new USB comes to compete with one of the advantages that currently Apple Lightning cable connector , designed for enterprise devices , also identical on both sides and much smaller than its predecessor.
The USB first went on sale in mid- 90s and , so far, could only be inserted one way to ensure the transfer of information.
The Promoter Group, which is behind the design of the connector, counts among its members representatives of Intel , Hewlett- Packard, Microsoft , Renesas Electronics , ST -Ericsson and Texas Instruments .
"Consumers want products that are more slender and elegant, our company recognizes that need," said Chairman of the Promoter Group, Jeff Ravencraft .
According to the executive , the amendment has no bearing on the change that Apple introduced with the Lightning cable.
The other news of the next version of USB include:
Its size will be smaller, the dimensions of the plug will be similar to the micro -USB format and tablets used by many of the latest versions of mobile phones.
It will reach a maximum power of 100 watts.
The file transfer speed is 10 Gbps (gigabit is the reference unit to measure how quickly passes information from one device to another ) , doubling the current offers .
Compatibility with future redesigns.
" These changes will improve the functionality of the USB and still allow ease of use for the variety of products that can go to market in the coming years," says Roland Sperlich , Texas Instruments .
For some in the industry is positive, but nuanced .
" I do not think consumers buy the device because of the type of plug , so in regard to the preference of a certain type of phone, tablet or computer, do not think most difference " week Ian Fogg , Computer Business IHS .
"I believe that the importance of this redesign continues: Fogg is the convenience of using the devices more and more frequently because the USB is not only used to transfer information, but to charge the battery of our various devices."
He added: "Anything that expedites the process is good because it's something we have to do constantly."

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